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Know India Programme (KIP)

1. About the Programme:

KIP is an engagement programme for Diaspora youths (between the age of 18-26 years) of Indian origin to introduce them to India and promote awareness about different facets of Indian life, our cultural heritage, art and the transformation taking place in India. This programme is open to youth of Indian origin (excluding non-resident Indians). The programme has been in existence since 2003.

2. Main elements of KIP:

a) Classroom presentations on India’s , political system, economy, society, and developments in various sectors etc.

b) Interaction with students at University/ College.

c) Visit to places of historical importance

d) Participation in cultural programmes, yoga

e) Visit to industrial sites

f) Visit to a village

g) Interaction with non-profits

h) Meetings with senior political leadership in India i) Visit to a select state in India for 10 days

3. Assistance provided:

(a) The Ministry of External Affairs will take care of participants only for the duration of the program. If participants wish to come early or stay late, they will have to make their own arrangements.

(b) The participants are provided local hospitality e.g. boarding/lodging in State guest houses or budget hotels and Internal travel in India.

(c) Participants have to purchase air tickets for their journey from the country of residence to India and back, as per schedule prescribed for the Programme by the Ministry. Indian Mission/Post will reimburse 90% (ninety percent) of the total cost of air ticket for the cheapest economy class travel to participants on successful completion of the programme by them and by showing award of certificate to participant given by MEA.

(d) Gratis visa shall be granted to selected participants by the Indian Missions/Posts abroad. (no visa fee will be charged).

4. Eligibility Criteria:

Age: The programme is open to youth of Indian origin (excluding non-resident Indians) in the age group of 18-26 years as on the first day of the month in which the programme is expected to begin. It is open to PIO youths from all over the world.

Previous participations: The applicant should not have participated in any previous KIP or Internship Programme for Diaspora Youth (IPDY) or Study India Programme of MEA. Students who have not visited India before will be given preference.

Educational Qualification: Minimum qualification required for applying is graduation from a recognized University /Institute or studying for graduation.

Language: The applicants should be able to speak in English, should have studied English as a subject at the High School level or have English as the medium of instruction for undergraduate course.

5. How to apply:

a) Completed signed application/ form for the programme, along with a passport size photograph, should be submitted in the given application form. Form should be sent to the Indian Embassy/ consulate by email & post. Nominations received after the due date, incomplete and unsigned applications, or forms not accompanied with photographs and without HOMs/ HOPs clear approval / recommendation would be rejected. b) The Mission will seek a medical certificate before recommending participants for the programme. Every participant should have travel and medical insurance before visa is granted to them.

6. Duration:

a) The duration of KIP will be 25 days with 10 days in the partner State.

7. Intake:

(i) The total number of participants in any KIP will not exceed 40. If there are less than 20 applicants, that KIP will not be conducted and applicants will be permitted to opt for any other KIP of the year, if they wish so.

(ii) A maximum of five candidates will be selected from a country. A reserve list of candidates will be maintained to fill the slots if the required number of candidates are not available for that particular KIP.

8. Dos and Don’ts for participants:

(i) Selected participants have to follow the regulations of the Know India Programme as conveyed to them by the Ministry of External Affairs or an agency nominated by it for conduct of the Programme directly or through Indian Missions/Posts abroad. They are expected to cooperate fully to ensure smooth conduct of KIP.

(ii) In case a participant is found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline during the course of his/her stay, he/she may be asked to leave the Programme. Such participants would have to meet the entire cost of their air travel from his/her country of residence to India & back and ‘clause 3(c)’ above on refund of 90% of the total cost of air ticket by Indian Missions/Posts would not be applicable to them. Drinking and smoking in many places in India is banned and is discouraged. Participants are expected to remain with the group and show interest towards the programme.

(iii) The participants would not be permitted to leave the Programme mid-way. All are expected to participate in the various programmes organized for them enthusiastically & are not expected to stay back in their hotel room, except for medical reason as advised by the doctor. Participants who leave the program on their own will not be entitled to either the airfare or the per diem allowance.



Proposed Tentative Period

Partner State

Last Date for receipt of Nominations

35th KIP 

05 May 2016 – 01 June 2016


5th April 2016

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